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Ahana Photo

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It gives me great pleasure to present my perspective on Delano  as a person and professional. I have known Delano primarily through his role as a professional portrait photographer. During that time, as his client, I was able to experience not only his skill as a highly proficient photographer, but his quality as an individual. His warmth and uncompromising integrity as a person, sensitive and responsive to the needs, concerns, aspirations, and nuances of those with whom he interacts was clearly evident.

As we are all aware, a professional must operate efficiently and with technical accuracy to maintain a viable business operation. However, portrait photography is also an art with intuitive, often great demands which must also be satisfied within the framework of more explicit requirements. Mr. Holley demonstrates this with his exceptional ability to draw into the outward appearance of his subjects the positive internal qualities they have to offer. I have not only experience this in his work with me, but have observed this as well in the work he has done with other subjects, many of whom I know personally. Of particular significance to me is his ability to perceive and draw out qualities which may not be immediately perceivable to the casual observer. As the result, I am convinced that one sits for a portrait with Mr. Holley, that person receives the benefit not only of the specific time spent in a photo session, but of the decades of experience and training fueled by a keen perceptiveness that built the skills brought to bear on that session.

It has often been said that is difficult to separate a person from his work. Whether or not this is universally true, it appears true with Mr. Holley. He captures a client's qualities by sharing who he is. His obvious approach ability, integrity, and compassion are readily evident in his manner, diplomacy and straightforward style of communication. That he is no different in more personal, social situations, then is no surprise.

In summary, Mr.Holley is an outstanding professional whose professional stature is merely a reflection of his excellence and trustworthiness as an individual. While it would be a privilege for anyone to be a beneficiary of this photographic skill or presence as a friend, it is all the more indicative of his exceptional nature that this is an opportunity that he readily extends to nearly anyone seeking it.


Lowell C.

I appreciate your beautiful work which shall live in my family for a long time. my 95 year old aunt will be so happy to get a picture of her parents together.



Aloha Delano,

Just a short note to express my gratitude for the beautiful job that you did on both the group and individual pictures last weekend.

Never did I expect to see the stone background wall transformed into a beautiful sunset background in our large group picture.

The individual photos are also so well done. You certainly have that"special touch" when it comes to perfecting a job.

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Dear Delano,

My family and I are so grateful for the fantastic job you did restoring my brother's portrait. Your work is amazing and it's obvious that you put your heart into your craft. You a very kind soul; you take the time to know your customers and treat each one with compassion and respect. You also show dignity and grace when handling your customer's most cherished photos. Thank you so much, Mr Holley,not only for your talent and professionalism, but also for treating me not only like a customer, but a friend.

Connie L.

Thank you so much. It's beautiful! Also, thank you for making two; what a surprise! We appreciate your patience and generosity!


The magical wizardry you perform on old pictures is beyond the realm of ordinary imagination! I was positively amazed by it. Keep up the good work and will be seeing you soon.

Carol F. 

I just wanted to say thank you again. I cannot believe what a great job you did restoring a treasured family photograph that is over 120 years old. You have done more than restore an old photograph; you have restore a piece of history. Now, for the first time, my family will see what my great-grandfather and great-grandmother looked like. You made me feel like family from the moment I walked in and you treated my family photograph as if it was part of your own family. 

Thanks again

Dr. Michael S.


We have been working together for a long time. How time flies? I want to thank you for capturing on film those special personal moments like our family reunion. We will be forever grateful to have recorded these chicken skin time of our lives. We will always be able to remember and enjoy how cute and special my grandchildren were at that time and moment on the North Shore. You have supported our business for over 15 years in our different promotions. Nancy and I continue to look forward for our future association with you. I have faith that you will continue to be fair and honorable individual that you have been in the past. Mahalo and good luck in your future endeavors.  

Steven and Nancy Y.

Hello Delano,

we are thrilled with the photos you restored and copied for us. We didn't think it was possible to reproduce the old pictures we have of our parent's wedding (1920), and our wedding (1958), but you did a wonderful job and they are so special to have! I can't wait to give copies to our children, I know they will treasure them.

Thank you,


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Dear Delano

I am glad that I was referred to you to have my old photographs  restored. I was really impressed by the display on your walls of old indistinguishable photos that were taken to you, my first impression was that I would have thrown out the pictures because they were so blurry and, as I mentioned in some cases indistinguishable. If only more people knew that pictures could be reproduced , even though could barely see anything on the paper (especially when one has precious memories of the pictures), they would rush over to see immediately. I will certainly let my friend know of your service. Also, I appreciate your suggestion regarding combining 2 single portraits of my grandparents and placing them into 1 picture therefore they would be together in the same frame.

one thing I forgot to mention is that you DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE ORIGINALS. with the computer technology these days, you just take the picture and do whatever needs to be done in the computer so one does not need to worry about their originals being disturbed.

P.S. I will be looking forward seeing the results of my order and am looking forward to seeing you too. It was very enjoyable and memorable afternoon visiting with you and your employee and having all the excitement with the ambulance and police cars just outside of your window.


Dear Delano, 

What PRO you are; you have done such a wonderful job! I am very happy with my professional picture and am so glad Amy Wong recommended you. You set a high standard for anyone in this business and not only that, I learned a lot from you: Not just to be good but be great.

Thank you again, 

Vera W.B

As a former actor and model, I wanted to return to the business after many years. Delano took new pictures of me that were better than I could have ever hoped for. His restorations of old photo's are nothing short of pure magic.

Craig T

Dear Delano,

Words cannot possibly express our gratitude and awe of the custom photo restoration you have done for us. It is as if a part of our lives that was lost has been recovered.

we are very thankful,


Mark and Margrit H.

Aloha Delano

Just a quick mahalo for being flexible, fun wedding photographer. Your patient guidance of our group as you set up shots was much appreciated. I'm so grateful for the beautiful photos and was amazed that you emailed them to us just a few hours after our wedding. I look forward to seeing the magic you worked on final edited prints. You are truly a great professional photographer  


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